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On this blog I intend to document my journey through Breast Cancer again. Yes again. This will be my second go with this disease and I figured this would be a great way to communicate with my family and friends and keep them informed as to what is going on with me.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

It is hard to believe that my last post was about a month ago. Since then I have gone through another treatment and also had another MUGA test (heart test) done, which my heart function is up to 59%!! Yeah!!! For those of you that don't recall.. My heart function can not drop below 50% or they will have to pull me off of Herceptin. Not that it would be a big deal. They would just wait for my heart to repair itself and then start the treatments back up. So, everything is going along great and there are no issues at this point! You will hear no complaints out of me!!

I wish that I could say the same for someone I used to know. I guess you could say that we still know each other. I found out that she too has breast cancer and it sounds like it is identical to mine. Same diagnosis, same stage, same treatments and she is, I think, 32. Another young women to be diagnosed. My heart has been going out to her and I remember when I was first diagnosed. I was bombarded with people who knew people and their phone numbers and things that I should do, Doctors I should go see. That gets tiring!! I sent her a little care package through a friend at work, whose wife is her best friend. I know that she has no clue as to why I put certain things in there, such as lotion and soap for sensitive skin. or heart pillows. By the way, those heart pillows were AWESOME!! I was given those to put under my arms after surgery. They went everywhere with me!!

I want to call her, cause you just don't find many women our age with breast cancer and the same diagnosis. I don't think many people realize the many different diagnosis there are out there for breast cancer. Anyway, I don't want her to think that I am being pushy, but I so want to be there for her. Regardless of the person she is now. We knew each other when we were in our early teens. How do you reach out to someone without seeming so pushy? I want to visit her, I want to help her get through this! It sounds like she is a positive person and so was I, but no one knows what I went through inside sometimes. Only someone who has gone through the things I went through could relate to me and help me understand. I was constantly searching for answers, searching for statistics, which I still do. Having someone there my own age and had gone through what I was going through would have really helped me out! Well I really hope that I figure out the best way to approach her or I hope that she would feel comfortable enough to reach out to me.

On another note....pray for my sister Marie and her best friend Casey. Casey just lost her brother to a drunk driving accident Monday night. Her family has had alot of heart ache lately and just pray that she and her family finds peace and understanding through this tough time. Pray that she continues to see God in all things. Please also pray for my sister Marie. She has had so much going on lately. Between helping with Casey's kids, caring for her 2 daughters (one who has been sick on and off), she has been taking care of the house while her husband goes out of town for work. This past Saturday she found out that she has to put her dog down. Amos has been with her for 13 years. He was 8 weeks old when she got him and he does not leave her side. He has advanced Heart Disease, partially blind in one eye, blind in the other, going deaf and now he has a brain tumor. This brain tumor could hinder Amos from being able to tell right from wrong. This is just not a good combination for a family that has 2 small children. It is the right thing to do now as his quality of life isn't all that great right now and Marie knows that, but it is still hard. It is like loosing one of your children. Just pray for her!! She has gone through so much since she has moved to Kansas and she needs all the support and prayer she can get!!

By the way......48 days til Darryl and I get married!!


At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Ginger said... are such an insiration...keep up the strength.

I don't know how you do it....i could never be more proud of a sister than I am of you and Tana...

Rainbow love....

At 10:37 PM, Blogger Daneen said...

I'm glad to see an update here. Marie keeps me posted on how you're doing, and I pray for you regularly, but it's good to "hear your voice!"

My 2 cents: you are a strength that others can rely upon - I say CALL that former friend and offer your insights and support. More than likely, you know what this time is like better than anyone else in her life...

And please know that we in KS are surrounding Marie with love the best we can in this trying time. But I also know that she will be soooo ready to come for your wedding.

Much love to you all in FL - daneen

At 10:37 PM, Blogger Daneen said...

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At 12:21 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Hey Homey! I think you should definately call Tana...just make sure you let her know you are there to listen more than anything and I think she will respond and be appreciative.

Thanks also for the request for prayers for me...Life is crazy but I'm coping...I promise. I can't WAIT TO SEE YOU!

I love you...Peace Out!


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